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Data Loss Causes

There are many causes to lose data:

Hardware malfunction related with age, bad environment or over-clocking
Errors in operating systems and application software (logical errors in computer programs)
Very often a bad sector or cluster can cause the operating system to fail while booting up. Very often we can also restore the hard drive to a working state but we strongly recommend replacing the hard drive after the data is recovered from it. If a hard drive starts developing bad sectors / clusters it is very possible that, after we reinstall your data on good sectors / clusters and mark the currently unusable sectors / clusters as unusable, that currently good sectors can become bad sectors and you will have newly corrupted data.
Human factor (accidental deleting of files, folders or partition, disk reformatting, and so on)
If a partition is accidentally deleted we can restore the files for you quickly. In most cases we will recover your data to a CD or DVD and, if you desire, restore the partition with all your data intact. If a partition is accidentally deleted, do not re-create the partition. This will make it much more difficult (and expensive) to restore 100% of your data.
Computer viruses arriving with Emails, pirated software, hacked Web-sites, hackers intrusion from Internet, and so on
Because almost all virus’s and Trojans do little more than annoy or cause minor (from a data recovery viewpoint) logical damage to a hard drive we can usually recover any files lost due to a virus quickly. The sooner we get the drive after the malicious attack the better, as deleted files can be quickly overwritten by the operating system without the user’s knowledge. Windows itself (9x, NT, 2K, and XP) as well as a large number of applications constantly create temporary files and it is possible that any of these temporary files can impede the data recovery process. They could make it impossible to locate the desired files, or they could overwrite some of their data.
Weather related disasters (lightening, fire, water, smoke and so on)
Sudden mix of the previously named factors