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Data security and protection

There are many ways to minimise loss of data:

  • Periodically backup your data onto some other media such as hard disk drive or CD/DVD; (Occasionally check backups to see if they can be restored.)
  • Backup your system partition using a partition backup program (Such as: Active Partition Recovery);
  • Don't save your data on the same partition where your operating system and programs are installed - it will be much easier to restore/reinstall operating system without touching your data;
  • Use NTFS/NTFS5 file system instead of FAT16/32 if your operating system is windows NT4/XP/.NET;
  • Use a reliable RAID;
  • Use an antiviral protection;
  • Use a firewall to protect your data from unwanted access from the Internet or network;
  • Use quality hardware: motherboard, memory, hard disk controller, hard disk cable, hard disk drive, power supply. Do not over-clock the hardware;
  • Never switch off your computer with the operating system loaded by using the power button or reset button;
  • Don't forget, you will not be able to read your data after you change your password or reinstall/upgrade operating system.

Data Backup

The primary rule is to backup your data. The more often you backup your data, the smaller the chances you will lose your valuable data.

The following are examples of data backup techniques:

  • Copy your data to another partition of the same hard drive (less secure, because you can lose both copies due to a of a hard drive crash);
  • Copy your data to another hard drive in the same computer (more secure, but you still can lose both copies due to a of the computer crash);
  • Copy your data to another computer (secure enough, but there is still a possibility to lose your data when both computers are in the same room);
  • Copy your data to removable media, such as removable hard drive or CD/DVD disc. This media, once removed from your computer, will give you the most security. (Check backups to ensure they can be restored)

Data Encryption

Data encryption is used only to protect the data from reading and copying (stealing) but will not protect it from being lost.